A Few Days In London Before Walking Scotland’s West Highland Way:

In the continuing effort to add content to this website, our 7 day walk on Scotland’s magnificent West Highland Way is next.  

London’s Parliament Building with Big Ben under construction

  In late June of 2020, Mika and I spent the last 3 months hunkered down in Turkey. On March 21 we had set out on the ancient Lycian Way walk along the Aegean Sea when Covid caught up to us. We made it one day sauntering from Fethiye to Oludeniz where the family owning/managing the small Hotel Mese welcomed us and informed us that traveling between municipalities was now banned. Consequently, and unusual for us we were forced to spend more than a few days somewhere. Though it was a wonderful experience, relaxing, enjoying a Mediterranean diet, walking on the Lycian Way over and over enjoying spectacular coastal views and the sea.  

Our lockdown in Oludeniz, Turkey wasn’t too bad at all

  So after 100 days we bid goodbye to our hospitable host, Murat, who had become a friend. At the time Mika and I were expecting to split up as Turkey was forcing us out and there were very few options for us. She planned to return to Japan, and I was going to head for Spain to walk. Fate intervened when surprisingly the UK opened up in July to both me as an EU citizen and Mika so flying to London allowed us to stay together.  

  But we certainly did not want to spend time in London so why not start the Via Francigena and walk from London to Canterbury, England to Rome. But the day before starting out we read that Scotland was opening up. I had Scotland’s most famous 7 day walk on my list since having it recommended by a Scot Camino buddy, Fairlie, on the first evening of my first Camino de Santiago in Roncesvalles, Spain.  

Buckingham Palace

  The West Highland Way or London to Canterbury. No brainer. We trained to Glascow the next day. But I have to admit July of 2020 was an excellent time to visit London as the streets were fairly empty. We were both repeat visitors so no need to head for the theatre or visit museums.  

Some good pub grub on a sunny day in London
Albert Hall and scene of one of Hitchcock’s Best Films; The Man Who Knew Too Much. Que sera sera.
Nelson’s Tower
Afternoon Tea at The Ham Yard Hotel
Ham Yard Hotel
Wellington Monument
A spoonful of sugar……
Tower Bridge at sunrise
The Eye and Parliament Building
Albert Memorial
Enjoying some champagne at The Marriott next to The Eye
A visit to St. James Church in Spanish Place.

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