A Night of 13th Century Music at Roncevalles Abbey-TIPPERARY TO SANTIAGO DAY 76

Last night I was leaving the Roncesvalles Abbey Albergue for the Bar to have a drink before dinner. A fellow pilgrim who I had walked with for a half hour or so during the day was in the reception area and asked if I wanted to go to the mass and a special concert immediately following the mass. Why not.
{CAPTION}(Santiago in the Abbey Church)

The music some of it dating to the 13th century was beautiful and touching for me having walked from Ireland as the music was Celtic with a harp and a bodhran. The Celts came over this same pass before making their way to Galicia and eventually Ireland. And the venue, including the Pilgrim’s church, cloister, and St. Augustine’s chapel with the tomb of King Sancho of Navarra were all used in the concert.

(King Sancho’s Tomb)

What a special first night in Spain. Boy I am sure glad I didn’t go to the bar.


(Leaving the abbey the next morning at 6:10 AM)

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