Annapurna Circuit Trek. Day 11 Kagbeni to Marpha:

Leaving Kagbeni there is a cold wind blowing into our faces, but soon the sun is warming us making for a pleasant walk down the Kali Gandaki River towards Jomsom.
Marpha view from Monastery
Though at one point a landslide of 10 or more rocks the size of basketballs came crashing down seconds after I passed. That’s not at all common, here or anywhere else for that matter.
Heading out of Kagbeni south towards Jomsom
Though there are a few jeeps, it is mostly quiet until I pass a Chinese guy riding a donkey. Behind him are two porters carrying 2 each big metal pieces of luggage that are supposed to be rolled. Fortunately, that is another rare occurrence.
Curious little girl at Paradise Hotel in Marpha
In Jomsom, many trekkers opt to fly to Katmandu or take a bus to Pokhara but I am content to continue walking through beautiful countryside and interesting villages engaging with friendly locals.
One of the nice things about the lower elevations is passing through the villages hanging with the locals.
Ended up in the medieval village of Marpha with a Monastery up the hill from the river. Chatted with a 7 year old trainee monk in the middle of a stone throwing fight with some kids on a nearby rooftop. Fortunately they were too far from each other to cause any harm.
Shooting the breeze, throwing a few stones with the friendly boy monk at Marpha Monastery
Approaching Jomsom along the Kali Gandaki River
Returning to Hotel Paradise, I took a hot shower in my private bathroom, the second of this trek, and the first with a sit down toilet. Luxury.
Coming into Marpha
Meandering up to the rooftop to catch a few of the last rays of today’s sun, there were some guys making sausages and drying them in the sun.
the sausage dudes
For dinner chose a spinach and mushroom burger. Nice change of pace as the food on this part of the Annapurna is surprisingly varied.
Steps with prayer wheels heading up to monastery
Marpha Monastery

2019 March Trek

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