Baños Waterfall Bike Tour

Baños has plenty of waterfalls so I rented a bike for the day and set off east down the road. The bike rental place gave me a map with 5 main waterfalls. So pedaling away I came to an unpaved gravel road with a sign for Ulba Waterfall. Not even on my tour map but my butt was already sore as today the bike seats all seem to be made for 10 year olds and have no padding or shock absorbers like my 26 inch black and white Schwinn from the 1960’s.
Video of Ulba Fall click on link:
Anyway, I locked up the bike and walked about 10 minutes not expecting too much. However, after last night’
s heavy rains the waterfall was over 70 feet high and powerful. Best of all I had it to myself.
I continued on past 2 more excellent waterfalls and then came to one where I had to walk down a steep trail for 10 minutes to the river, crossing a bridge to the other side of the valley.
Video of Falls click on link:
Then continuing on I came to the main waterfall which was a good 25 minute hike to and was roaring down out of the mountains. There were lots of people there but still enjoyable. At one point the trail required crawling on hands and knees for 20 feet through a rocky cavern with water splashing down.
Pailon de Diablo
Pailon del Diablo
Video of Pailon del Diablo click on link:
The trip took about 4 hours so I followed the guys advice and took a bus back to Baños with the bike. In Baños I headed over to the local Hot Spring Bath with of course its own 150 waterfall pouring out of the mountains.
Back at the hot spring in Banos
El Manto de la Novia
Pailon del Diablo

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