Beara Way; Day 5 Allihies to End of Dursey Island-20K

Before leaving this morning John and I had an interesting discussion about governments and Socialism vs. Capitalism.

Left at 12 for beautiful and rugged walk down by the sea and over the hills to the only remaining Cable Car in Ireland. Connecting Dursey Island with the mainland.

Met Paddy the operator.


I had heard that sometimes you share the car with animals but it was just me and two local guys.

Made it to Island about 3:30 and enjoyed spectacular views traveling the southern side of island. Reached the Dursey Island Point at 5:30.

Tower and Cable Car in distance or way to Dursey Island

There is an old roofless stone house there that John told me about and it is quite windy so this house is a blessing as I can pitch a tent inside where the wind is not so bad.

Enjoy the solitary beauty.

The wind, the birds, the sheep, the sea and sun. Sweet.

Worth the 600k walk. Have my brown bread and ham and cheese and a little warm tea. Enjoy the setting but lay down for almost 2 hours and come back out at 8:45 but sun does not set until around 9:50. The silence and beauty puts me at ease and allows a deep meditation bringing calmness and happiness. Beautiful.

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Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.