Camino De Faros (The Lighthouse Way). Day 8 Lires To Finisterre:

It did not take long to realize this Camino is nothing like the Camino de Santiago. There were no bars or much of anything between Finisterre and Lires.

There was very little pavement walking. White sand beaches along the coastal shore connected by rugged narrow rocky mountain trails with bright white, yellow, purple, and blue spring flowers.

The trails had many ups and downs making this more like an Alpine mountain walk. Very different from any of the Camino de Santiagos.

Mika and I at 0 Mile Marker in Finisterre
A few K from Finisterre

Very few other hikers as I saw only two others on the entire 25K route today.

Cliffs of Canosa

While parts of it were reminiscent of Camino del Norte, it had a different feel with no bars or villages to speak of. Actually, if there was any walk to compare it to, perhaps the Kerry or Beara Ways in Ireland.

Leaving Finisterre
Lires Beach

Arriving in Lires it did feel like the Camino stopping at Albergue and Restaurant As Eiras. There were quite a few pilgrims around as their albergue was filled with 7 pilgrims and myself. Their hotel had a few more pilgrims as well. €15

Arnela Beach
Rostro Beach
Beginning of Rostro Beach
Approaching Finisterre
Rostro Beach

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