27 August.
Almudena Cathedral

After walking the Camino Aragones from Lourdes, Camino Invierno, and Camino Irish (English), I trained to Madrid to meet with Mika flying in from Japan.

Back together for one more Camino at Westin Palace entrance

A bit of a splurge was in order after a 2 month separation so I reserved us a room at The Westin Palace.

Dome in Westin Palace dining room

28 August, 2019

At the Church of Santiago to get our first stamp and officially begin this Camino

Always great to start a Camino at a Santiago Church where we got our first stamp and then played the tourists.

Santiago the Moor Slayer above the altar


I prefer the pilgrim Santiago to the Moor Slayer. Expressing our gratitude for his allowing our pilgrimage

Saw the Royal Palace and Cathedral.

Royal Palace

We then walked to Sol the center of Spain.

The exact center of Spain

We really enjoyed Mercado de San Miguel for great tapas.



And then relaxed Plaza Mayor sipping Sangrias.

Plaza Mayor

After siesta we toured Prado for free (Tuesday’s only) at 6:30 to 8.


Cava at the Westin to celebrate beginning a new Camino

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