Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria Day 4

Day 4 Finca de Isa to Church of Santiago in Galdar.

Feeling blessed to stumble upon this Camino de Santiago while riding out Covid on Gran Canaria Island.

Day 4 was like the other days offering spectacular mountain scenery as well as grand views of the northern shore, the open sea, and the island of Tenerife.

The pilgrimage ended today walking through the Holy Door of Santiago Church in Galdar, Spain. It offers the same plenary indulgences(forgiveness of sins) as Puerta del Perdón of Cathedral de Santiago Compostela.

The 70k 4 day Pilgrimage had some of the most stunning scenery of any Camino I’ve ever walked.
Today a 400 meter ascent followed by an 1800 meter descent. Coming down the mountain you could see across the channel snow peaked Mt. Teide on Tenerife, at 3,800 meters the highest mountain in Spain.

Mt. Teide in the distance

While this was a short pilgrimage it was more difficult than most and walking into Galdar and seeing the Church of Santiago brought tears of comfort and joy.

Arriving at the entrance a woman informed me the church would be opening in 15 minutes. I enjoyed a coke in an outdoor cafe adjacent to the church and overlooking the pleasant plaza de Santiago.
In the church it seemed so appropriate to get my last stamp right there near a statue of Santiago.

Sunset at Finca de Isa the night before
Cruz de Tejeda

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