Camino Levante; Day 17 Toledo to Torrijos

After breakfast we cabbed to Camino de Albarreal since we had already walked through all of Toledo Old Town. The kind driver was concerned we had enough water and food. He called police station in Torrijos but their  municipal albergue is closed. So we will trust in the Camino to find us a bed upon arrival.
We then walked through wine fields and stark treeless lands except for crops. As is my practice I soon found a natural walking stick which I prefer to commercial ones. Not very attractive but efficient nonetheless.
Then turned west at highway following Almond Tree Lane with beautiful blooming white and lilac flowers.
Arrived at alternative stop, Hotel El Meson at 3:30. A few kilometers outside of Torrejos we walked through what I called the Lane of Almond Trees. Both Mika and I find it reminiscent of walking the 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Japan in April during Cherry Blossoming Season.
Checked in out front via computer. €60 no breakfast. Decent enough small room. Clean and comfortable beds. 27K.
Walking to store I told Mika, “My feet hurt. My legs especially upper thighs are very sore. My legs and back of right hand are bleeding. My baby toe has a blister coming on. But I couldn’t be happier.”
Earlier in the day we had conversation on fine line between genius and insanity. Just as I was about to say, perhaps I am a little insane”. Mika beat me to it saying emphatically, “You are insane”
Got some food at supermarket and i sat out front of hotel with my big bottle of coke, jamon, cheese, and bread. Sweet.
Blossoming almond tree flowers in early spring

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2 thoughts on “Camino Levante; Day 17 Toledo to Torrijos”

  1. OzAnnie (Annie Derrick )

    Hi – in mar2020 I decided to start Levante from m Toledo mar5 and walk to where I finished on Sanabrés in 2019… well on mar13 I was catching a bus from Arévalo back to Madrid to fly home to Oz. In May – I’m trying to work back to where I stopped at Tinosillas. Actually I want to go back to Gotarendura (1st stage after Ávila) – it was a ghost town almost then with not even a bar open. I hear there is a bar at least now. Yoli is the contact in Gotarendura for the Albergue but not sure if she’s still there etc. I have a big Thankyou for her and the town needs some kindness from outside I feel. ❤️❤️ I’ll be following your blog now. Buen camino


    1. Hi. I am in Gotarrendura now early morning. Yes it is very quiet. We received a warm welcome at Gota Bar from Andrea, a friendly local woman who happened to speak some English. She opened the Albergue for us and then kept the Bar open a little late and prepared an excellent menu del dia for us. Andrea has 2 small children and lives in an abode attached to the albergue. She told me that she may be forced to leave in a few years as it will be tough on her children when they get into their teen years. A sad thing for these pleasant small towns throughout Spain. Thanks for following and if possible I would appreciate your Subscribing(which is following, you just get an email notification when I post.) You can always unsubscribe if you get tired of my posts. There is lots of info on various other Caminos and other pilgrimages around the world.

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.