Camino Levante Day 25 Arevalo to Medina del Campo

Walking out of Arevalo are some nice churches of course with storks nesting high up. At the far north end of town was one more well preserved castle. The Levante spans across lands that were hotly contested between the Christian and Moor armies hence all the castles.
While we are now in March, the temperatures have been growing cold to single digit C’s. Walking across the plains in the cold and wind wears on you. But we are thankful for no rain.
Arriving in Medina del Campo we arrived in Plaza Isabel. The Padre we reserved a bed from the night before told us to flag down a policeman and would escort us to the Convent. We really didn’t feel the need and asked around and were directed just two blocks off the Main Plaza to the Carmelita Convento and Monastario de San Juan with its beautiful Chapel.
Chapel of San Juan de la Cruz
Seems to be a combination Monastery and Convent; San Juan de la Cruz
We then went next door to the office where friendly Padre Francisco met us and took us back outside and down the street to the back of the building where there was  a separate entrance to our accommodation.
First a cozy area with sofa and then private simple bedrooms. And a shared bath with a big tub for soaking my hamstring. A nice upgrade from a typical albergue. As usual we had the place to ourselves. We had an excellent Meñu at Restaurante Alegria including a pasta in mushroom and pesto sauce. Then walked up the hill east of town to Castle la Mota, dating to the 14th Century.
Leaving Arevalo
Castle of Arevalo
Plaza de Isabel, Medina del Campo

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