Camino Levante. Day 27 Medina del Campo to Nava del Rey

Hard to leave the cozy Convent accommodation but we are pilgrims so we trudge on as I hope my hamstring tightness eases up which may be wishful thinking as we walk on in the cold.
At edge of town we came to a fork indicating Camino Sureste continued north and then northwest to Benavente on Camino Via de la Plata(VDLP). I was not aware of this Camino option.
Mika and I continued west on Levante across open plains heading to Zamora where Levante merges with VDLP, 65K south of Benavente. We would then follow that route 2 days to Granja de Moreruela and then veer west on Camino Sanabres to Santiago de Compostela.
As we carried on we enjoyed a few more blooming almond trees brightening up the otherwise barren landscape.
Took a break at Caserio de Dueñas Winery before continuing on to Nava del Rey.
Asking around, several locals steered us down a narrow lane several blocks from the main plaza to Bar Manzas. Wow. We had a fabulous local dish; Cocido Madrileño. The 6 small portions of slow cooked meat melted in the mouth. Chorizo, pork rib, pork belly, pork leg, beef brisket, and blood sausage, and a heap of slow cooked Garbanzo Beans piled on. Accompanied with a pretty good Toro house wine.
Unfortunately my hamstring has tightened up and instead of waiting to heal, we have an appointment in Muxia in 2 weeks so we chose to continue by train to Toro, which is the center of the Toro Wine Region. Not a bad place to spend the night I think.
Church of Saint John in Nava del Rey
Coming into Toro grape fields
Spring is coming.

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5 thoughts on “Camino Levante. Day 27 Medina del Campo to Nava del Rey”

  1. Hi Kevin and Mika,,
    Lots of straight roads for you .. it sounds cold though but you’re fortunate not to have too much rain on this walk. Your photos are a real treat. Spring blossoms of the almond trees are adding beauty to the scenes. So many castles. Did you get an opportunity to look through any?

    I am wondering what may have caused your hamstring problem? Have you had a problem with it before ?

    Buen camino and Thankyou for the write up.

    1. The castles have mostly been closed during covid. I have walked through a few though like Ponferrada and a couple on Madrid, Cornatel on Invierno, Puebla de Sanabia on Camino Sanabres. A couple on VDLP including Caceres. Always nice.

      I think my age, not enough stretching, and the cold contributed to my tight hamstring. no real problem before and this cleared up with a couple of days of rest. No big deal.

  2. Thanks for getting back Kevin.
    I’m heading back there (around 29-30 April ) to take up where I left off in mar2020 (in between Gotarrendura and Árevalo). When you both stayed in Gotarrendura; you were fortunate to have a bar open this time. Did you meet Yoli .. the lady who used to deal with the key ? Or did the lady in the bar look after things this time? I also wondered if you used the ‘locked off’ section of the building / or the donativo area . The latter didn’t have a kettle when I was there in 2020 . I’ll be walking to Zamora and bussing back to Tábara on the Sanabrés to complete my 2019 Vdlp.
    I’m “long in the tooth’ & need to watch my feet/legs too., so must remember to stretch more. I hope things go well for you and the appointment in muxia for your hamstring helps.
    Buen camino.

    1. The only person around was Andrea at the Bar. She lives in a home connected to the albergue. We stayed in the donativo section. Though the kitchen was still closed because of covid. I am a tea drinker so Andrea filled up my thermos and brought me hot water at 7am. Yes i have to remember to stretch more too. Buen Camino to you too.

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.