Camino Levante Days 15-16. Tembleque to Toledo

Day 15 Tembleque to Mora 25K
Coming off the plains into the hills, offering some respite from the scorching heat. Beautiful and quiet. We still have yet to meet another pilgrim walking or on bike.
The heat is wearing us down. Fortunately Hostal Agripino has AC and a friendly Chinese woman running the place.
Their Chinese Menu del Dia offered a delicious change of pace from the standard Spanish cuisine. And a first course of Sushi.
Day 16 Mora to Toledo
Most call it Levante(east) but pilgrims also find themselves on Camino Sureste(southeast) as well which starts in Alicante, south of Valencia.
Well I hated to do this but frankly it is just too damn hot so we bussed the final 39K into Toledo. The forecast for today and the next several days is into the mid-forties Celsius/ 105-111F. We came to the realization that we just could not or would not continue on. This was my 15th Camino and the first time ever not finishing on one go. Oh well. Seems prudent to stop. But perhaps we can move to another Camino where the heat is not so unbearable.
Egg rolls on the Camino

Chicken and mushroom main

Leaving Tembleque early to avoid heat

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