Woke just before 6 and was out the door at 6:23 of the spacious Oviedo Municipal Albergue. A 1 hour walk through town then pleasant walk through hills with great scenery reminiscent of The Chemin du Puy in France.

Walked with Alex from U.K. A bit and met two Italian women at end.

Stopped at first bar at 18k after 4 hours of walking. Kept walking and reached Grado around 1:30 and had water in park then cokes in square as there were hundreds in the streets celebrating Santiago and Santa Ana day where water is thrown off balconies and from cups on each other. Looked like fun and it is 30C out.

Grado in the middle of a festival

Made it to Albergue San Juan de Villapanada and there are wonderful views of the hills and Grado below. The sole Hospilatero took 10 minutes per person to check in but was a good guy. Sat at table with 6 Spaniards and have nice chat with Sandra From Brazil. 31k

View from Albergue San Juan de Villapanada

30 July, 2017

Enjoyed conversation with a group of Spaniards

Left in morning at 6:35. Had breakfast after only 10k and beautiful scenery.

Asturias grain storage (Horreos) are slightly different from those of Galicia

Walk on to Salas and have iced tea and lemon making huge mess. The lady said she should of charged 5e not 2.5.

Sandra made reservation at Las Cruces in La Espina. Had lunch with Aisling from Ireland who went on.

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