One of “The Four Agreements” from the book with that title by Don Miguel Ruiz is; DONT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS!

The first picture is of my Polish friends, Joanna and Mateus after they just told me they got engaged the prior day.


The second is them with three guys that I called “The Russian Thugs” who I had first seen and heard in the hills above Grandas de Salime. It was a beautiful morning and I was enjoying the view pictured and I heard them and thought they were loud and bothersome. Well a week later in Santiago after talking about them with my Polish friends over a drink I learned they were Polish priests. Just a few minutes later they walked up so I got a picture of the newly engaged and 3 Thug Priests😂😂.

I was enjoying the quiet of the early morn and this view when I first encountered the three loud “Russian Thugs”.

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2 thoughts on “CAMINO PRIMITIVO-The Russian Thugs”

  1. Hello, I’m planning to walk the Primativo from Oviedo this July. How often did you see other pilgrims? I’m a solo female pilgrim (walked 3 previous Caminos) I usually
    Prefer to walk within sight of other pilgrims for security. Also enjoy talking with others. Thank you! Interesting and helpful blog

    1. The Primitivo is not as populated as Frances by far. You could easily walk and just see a few other pilgrims each day. However July should have more pilgrims than normal. Also, there were a few solo women walking it when I did and I know they really enjoyed it. There is plenty of chance to talk with others at the albergues along the route. And most likely if you prefer you can hook up with fellow pilgrims and walk with them if you desire. I think you will have a great Camino. Buen Camino!

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.