VIA FRANCIGENA-Canterbury to Rome Day 11-12

Day 11 Perrone to Trefcon                 Day 12 Trefcon to Séraucourt-le-Grand

Early morning the best part of a walking day.

The heat at around 35C/95F for a week now is growing wearisome.

But a thunderstorm last night is the start of a front coming through. Tomorrow’s 30 will seem cool by comparison I suspect.

We walked through Cartigny and saw our first baguette vending machine. The bread in window looked pretty good. Hope to try one soon.

A uniquely French baquette vending machine
I had to get a closer look

By mid afternoon the heat was stifling but the last 2k walking into Trefcon was forest which brought some respite.

Trefcon was tiny and our Gite accommodations were upstairs and very hot. The woman owner gave us some bread and quinoa and pasta and a couple tomatos and a pepper which provided adequate dinner.

The next day was no better but despite the heat and steamy humidity we are thoroughly enjoying the quiet countryside.

In Fontaines-les-Claires we crossed the river and followed the canal path which is also a Camino de Santiago leading to Camino Tours via Paris.

Hard for a Camino junkie like me not to veer onto it and continue on to Spain.

We enjoyed a canal walk coming into Seraucourt-le-grand. Our accommodation was basicly a toilet, shower,and sink where we could lay out mats on the hard floor between the toilet and sink.

After a delicious lunch of steak fries and salad next door, Mika decided the accommodation was unacceptable and walked ahead 10 minutes and got us the caravan for pilgrims at town camp site.  Thank you Mika! Turned into a pleasant evening as they had an air conditioned restaurant we sat in until dinner.

The woman at the desk was very helpful in setting up our next night’s accommodation.

Cozy little caravan
The French usually prepare a great steak and fries

— in Séraucourt-L

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