Considine Geneology:

Michael Considine married Mary Breen who gave birth to:

James Considine was born around 1856 and died around 1950 at 94.

James Considine of Cree, County Clare, Ireland married Winifred O’Leary from Ahayagh, Kilnihil

They had 7 children as follows:

Joseph (28/10/89-15/7/75) married Bridget Troy. Joseph left for America 21/4/10

Patrick (11/3/90-19/7/74) married Mary Scanlan born in 1890 in Carrigaholt, Clare, Ireland. Patrick left for America 28/3/13 via 2nd Class Passage. Mary Scanlan left in 1906 on 3rd Class via Ellis Island. (Mary Scanlan’s family history is detailed under Menu item Genealogy)

Mary (11/10/92-6/6/71) married Patrick Tracy. Mary left for America 12/5/11

Thomas (28/7/94-14/7/74) married Bridget O’Grady. Thomas left 20/9/15

Margaret (20/8/95-18/7/73) married Patrick McMahon

Michael (11/8/99-22/4/66) married Mary Frances Clancy died 1985. Michael left for America in August, 1922.

Stephen (15/12/00-11/12/88) married Anne Mescal 05-77


Joseph and Bridget had daughter died as an infant and adopted daughter Mary

Patrick and Mary had:

James:  ?22-43   died in military plane crash B-15? In South Dakota

Stephen- 5/9/25-17?/8/14/ married Mary Colette Healy 9/6/51

Rita- 24-                             married Dale Holt


Stephen and Mary’s children:

James (21/2/52-                 married Marie

Michael (5?/2/53-               married Linda

Kevin (7/3/55-                    married Denise Most

Frances 5/9/56 -10?/7/89

Timothy 1/9/57-                  married Katie Stack

Kathleen(Katie) 17/4/59-    married David Berry

Karen 24/12/61-                 married Tom Kolodjiez

Paul 18/4/63


Rita and Dale’s children:


James                               married

Suzanne                            married Bill Becker 1965

Kathleen                            married

Colleen                              married



Stephen’s and Anne’s children:


Mary Margaret (28/8/35-               is a nun in NY

Michael Joseph (27/9/38              married Maria Araujo

James Gerard (15/9/40-               married Ana Neylon died 2005

Thomas Francis (16/11/41-          married Mary Kelly(19/1/48)

Joseph (29/1/43                           married Joan Hanley died in 1980

Philomena Bernadette(1/10/44)  married Roger McGrath(36-77)


Michael Joseph Considine and Maria Araujo children:


Marin (6/2/80)

John (20/2/81)


James Gerard and Ana Neylon child:


Aine (24/12/75)


Thomas Francis Considine and Mary Kelly children:


Michael( 8/2/74-                             married Dierdre Coleman

Joseph (28/5/75-                           married Orla

Sile (18/7/76-                                married John

Randal (2/12/77-                           married

Mary (24/5/84-

Colm (10/11/86-


Joseph Considine and Joan Hanley children:


Martin (4/9/71-

Stephen ( 13/9/72

Ciaran ( 5/4/74

Carmel (14/4/75


Philomena and Roger McGrath children:


Joan (29/3/66

Mary (25/8/67

Doeen (20/11/68

Mairead (25/3/70

Anne (12/12/70

Denis and Roger (2/1/75

Martina (18/11/77


Mary and Patrick Tracy children:








Margaret “Aggie” and Patrick McMahon children:








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