Crossing the Pyrenees from France into Spain

After 28 days walking 752K from Le Puy to St. Jean Pied-de-Port went over the Pyrenees yesterday into Spain.

Walking through St. Jacques Gate in St. Jean Pied de Port where historically most pilgrims from Europe came through before crossing Pyrenees.

St. Jean Pied-de-Port

The walk is up through forested green hills with sheep, cows and horses grazing quietly. Then as you reach the top spectacular views of the mountains rising above the clouds.


High in the Pyrenees!

Looking down to the Monastary in Roncevalles, Spain.

The differences on the Camino between France and Spain are striking. Perhaps most telling is that 80% of walkers on Camino from Le Puy to St. Jean are French and now the French are few and there are many nationalities. A very international group of pilgrims.

Buen Camino!

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1 thought on “Crossing the Pyrenees from France into Spain”

  1. Annie Métay-Lebrun

    Bonjour! I’m glad to see your pictures from croosing the Pyrénées to Roncesvalles. I’m at home and I’m very happy about my week of pilgrim. It’s a time to learn to live with few and accept the moments as they arrive. I ‘m not sure that I explain very well what I want say…sorry.
    Have a good camino!
    Annie (sacrilège)

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