Daily Life on The Camino is Tough!

Daily life on The Camino is tough. Today started with an early 5:30 rising at a “luxurious” Albergue, La Casa Ibarrola where you slept in a shelf in the wall(that’s my friend Sven from Germany in his shelf):

At 6:15 I walked through the quiet, dark streets of Pamplona following the pilgrim shell markings on the street. Then a walk up 300 meters or so to Alto del Perdon Pass depicted in the film “The Way”. A couple of fun Aussies, Penny and Mel, showed me how to take a panoramic photo and be in it twice?:

But is was pretty much downhill from there. Great conversation with Ivan, a Greenland Inuit by birth who moved to Sweden at the age of 7 and spent time studying Native American culture. Discussed sweat lodges, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and vipassana meditation.

At around 21 kilometers we walked through the small village of Odanos where there was a local Basque celebration:

I can’t explain why the kid was in the well but I thought of jumping in with him:

Arrived in Puente Le Reina around 12:20 and had a typical “Peregrino” Menu del dia for 10 Euro of Mendeza de Verdunas( local dish of vegetable stew):

Second course:

Typical peregrino dessert of wrapped ice cream cone served on a plate:

Of course the meal included a carafe of vino tinto(red wine).

After the meal I walked through town stopping to chat with fellow peregrinos before crossing the bridge outside of town and walking up the hill to Albergue de Peregrino Santiago Apostol. I took advantage of their swimming pool which I had all too myself:

Well perhaps the daily life of a peregrino isn’t so tough.

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  1. Annie Métay-Lebrun

    Thanks for your pictures and your writing .. with that i ‘m always a little on the Camino.
    Today, I work…

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.