Day 29 Toro to Zamora.

Reached Zamora which is the end of the Camino Levante. We connect here with the Camino Via de la Plata (VDLP) which starts 565 kilometers to the south in Seville.
The Camino of “Solitude” proved to be an appropriate alias for Camino Levante as we completed its 850 Kilometers without seeing a single fellow pilgrim.
From here we head north for 2 days and then in Granja de Moreruela connect to the Camino Sanabres where we veer west to Galicia and Santiago de Compostela via Ourense.
Approaching the Cathedral
But first a day off to explore the beautiful city of Zamora. And why not enjoy a fabulous meal at Sancho 2 with some full bodied local Toro wine.
The Cathedral
The Rio Duero flowing on to Porto
The Zamora Parador Hotel
The Parador Hotels throughout Spain are great places to enjoy a few glasses of wine
The Parador
Church of San Pedro
Zamora Castle
Church of San Isodoro

Rio Duoro

Church of Mary Magdalene
Tribute to a local teacher, Herminio Ramos Perez who died in 2009.
Venison medallions in Chestnut Sauce at Sancho 2. Fantastico.
An excellent full bodied Toro
The lamb chops were great but the tenderloin in chestnut sauce was to die for.

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4 thoughts on “Day 29 Toro to Zamora.”

  1. Kevin
    These photos are fabulous. I’ve been to Zamora before , and simply loved it – but your photos are making it seem even better than I remember. Seeing it all through your lens.
    Q. Is the place ‘Sancho 2’ actually ‘in’ Zamora ?
    I would like to visit there .. yum.

    Also having looked at your blog history – it seems that is very little about any of the caminos that you don’t know. Buen viaje !

  2. Marianna Pankalla

    I hope you stayed in the albergue, which was in the old walls. One of my best camino memories, stopped there few times, volunteered twice. I love Zamora! It has 24 Romanesque churches!

    1. Not this time but I did 5 years ago when walking from Seville on Via de la Plata. Bery nice albergue. I love the Romanesque churches. Their simplicity has grown on me. 24 wow. I’ll have to go back.

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