Favorite Part of A Camino Day

It is hard not to enjoy all parts of your day on the Camino but I find the early mornings particularly special. By leaving when it is still dark out you are usually alone for the first hour or two. Silence is usually only broken by birds singing, a river flowing, or the wind blowing through the trees. The black sky filled with stars and the Milky Way gradually fade into deep blues and fiery reds and oranges. It is sometimes chilly but typically just cool and crisp and then the sun rises in the east and slowly warms your back. Your breathing slows and your mind calms and this is when I sometimes have moments of intense joy on The Camino.

Walking to Carrion de las Condes:

image002A Few days out of Le Puy:


A few kilometers before Nasbinals:


Walking to Burgos:


Buen Camino!

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Part of A Camino Day”

  1. I like it. I am working on the before dawn start of the day. But I tend to turn on the BBC and drift off for awhile. Still, that is the best time to go run on the beach. Tomorrow…..

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