Global Pilgrim House:

After 7 years of a home free existence traveling the globe and walking many pilgrimages, these restless feet have found a home. Why not in Muxia not far from the 0 Mile Marker of The Camino de Santiago.

A couple K from Muxia on the way from Finisterre

Our intention is to create “Global Pilgrim House” where we will adorn the walls with clusters of canvas print photos of each of the Caminos either of us have walked, including; Frances, Norte, Primitivo, Portuguese, Via de la Plata, Invierno, Irish/English, Aragones, Sanabres, Levante, Madrid, de Vasco, and of course Finisterre and Muxia.

The Virgin Mary’s stone boat, the Chapel of Santa Maria, and the Monument to the 2002 Oil Spill in Galicia

We welcome pilgrims with an interest in doing another Camino to visit and get information on the many Caminos. To chat about options for your next pilgrimage over a hot drink or wine. We will attempt to get Guidebooks and information on each pilgrimage in Spain. We will also begin supplying much of this information and photos on our website: globalpilgrim where we also have a page and posts dedicated to The Camino de Santiago.

Sunset in Muxia

In addition to Spain, we have been blessed with the opportunity to walk many other pilgrimages which will also be included in the developing physical and virtual photo galleries. So if your pilgrimage and walking interests lie outside Spain, ie.;

New Parador Hotel in Muxia

We are adding the missing content above so please let us know if you would like to see the photos and content of any of the walks above. Or another walk. We would also welcome content from subscribers on pilgrimages/walks that we have not yet experienced. Currently these walks are planned; Camino Lighthouse Way; Finisterre to Malpica along the Costa da Morte. Via Francesco; Florence to Rome. And a return in October to Nepal though unsure which Pilgrimage to take.

Mika and I at 0 Mile Marker

You are welcome to visit us in Muxia or virtually at We invite you to Follow (Subscribe) to get updates as we expand our offerings and website content.

Walking into Muxia on Camino from Santiago

Because we feel blessed as to how much we have received on so many levels on our pilgrimages, the intent is to give back and provide all to fellow pilgrims on an Osettai basis. “Osettai” is a Japanese word commonly heard by 88 Temple pilgrims, (henro sans), and refers to giving without desiring anything in return. More on Osettai (Item 13): How The 88 Temple Pilgrimage is Different From the Camino de Santiago. Anyway, while there is plenty of content on the website, this is a work in progress so your patience is appreciated as we add to our physical and virtual offerings.

Monte Corpiño sunset
Sunset from Monte Corpiño
View from Global Pilgrim House patio

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