Isinlivi to Chugchilan-Quilotoa Loop Trek

Well after 4 days at Llullu Llama it is time to move on so we headed down from the mountains to the Rio Toachi. The trail was quite muddy after the heavy rains last night.

At the river we followed it a couple of kilometers to an old bridge which was a big log but it had a rope also for holding and keeping balance.
The Rio Toachi crossing

Unfortunately after crossing the river we had a tough ascent up to the village of Chugchilan where we arrived at The Black Sheep Inn, another Eco Lodge.
Mika in front of one of the Black Sheep cabanas

Vegetarian meals, tea and coffee, and a warm fire. Another nice place to stay so we decided to spend 2 nights here. Edmundo is the friendly and accommodating Manager. Olga, the cook. A nice break from the standard Ecuadorian fare of Pork or chicken with potatoes and beans.

Resting later enjoying the views from their patio overlooking the mountains I couldn’t help reminiscing about walking here back in 2015.
With Frick and Frack in 2015

“Leaving the Black Sheep 7 years ago 2 stray dogs (I called them Frick and Frack) from Chugchilan followed me for 25 kms. over 2 days on the Quilatoa Loop. It was strange because other people were feeding them and giving them much more affection than me. But they stayed with me throughout. It took a roadblock between 2 rock walls to separate us. They tried to sleep in my room at Isinlivi but I kicked them out because they smelled worse than me. As soon as I opened the door at 6:50 AM the next morning Frick was waiting at the door.”

Well time for a natural wood burning Sauna.
Frick wanted to stay in the room but he stunk.

Buen Camino!

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1 thought on “Isinlivi to Chugchilan-Quilotoa Loop Trek”

  1. Looks like Mika was impressed with the Black Sheep cabanas! Very unusual & so very like our own thatched cottages! I love the little balcony too! 😉

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