IT’S A SMALL WORLD-Columbia to Camino de Santiago

Columbia 2015 to Spain 2021

My French friends from Normandie are sailing to the Mediterranean for the summer. Our paths happened to merge in the coastal village of Muxia at the end of The Camino de Santiago as I was completing a pilgrimage.

I first met Jean-Charles and Marie when we walked The Ciudad de Perdida(The Lost City) Pilgrimage in Santa Marta, Columbia in January 2015. I was solo traveling in South America for 4 months and they were at the beginning of a 3 year sail around the world.
On that walk the 3 of us walked 15 minutes to a local farm where we sat with the owner for an hour trying his chocolate and tomatoes. Then he offered us some of his good weed. I remember thinking they are French and world travelers so maybe are pot smokers. I rarely smoked and maybe once in 30 years. Anyway, we nodded yes and said, “Pourquoi pas” Why not!
An hour later it was dark and we were excessively wasted as this was by far the strongest grass I had ever smoked. The walk back was hilarious as we were stumbling around in the jungle bouncing off trees. A few hours later the high was still strong and I asked Marie, “How often do you two smoke weed?” She replied laughing, “Never. That was our first time.”

Octopus with Urchin Sauce.

We had a fabulous dinner at D’alvaro. The starter we shared was “Pulpo con Crema de Erzin” Octopus with Urchin Sauce. It was one of the best seafood dishes I have ever had. Of course with the French we lapped up every bit of the sauce with our delicious homemade Galician bread.

Tasty appetizer

The entree was a huge pan of Black Rice with baby squid and langostino! Also a scrumptious dish!

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