JAPAN 88 Temple Pilgrimage; Days 11-12

Pagoda at Temple 31

Got out late and had to backtrack because road shortcut went through tunnel so I veered east and picked up trail going up mountain.

Temple Chikurin 31 is laden with beautiful mossy trees and Shinto Shrine between gate and temple.

Temple 31 Gate
Temple 31 Shinto Shrine

Descended and got photo of little school kids.

Made it to Temple Zenjibu 32 and then continued on to supermarket for some raw fish.

Enjoyed it on the 12:10 river ferry, a delicious lunch of raw fish over rice and wasabi and soy on ferry.

Walked on and a few hundred meters before T33 Sekkie stopped at rest stop and Mr. Green a retired local chatted with me and invited me to stay at his big home on the sea. Maybe next time.

Kept on to 33 and then a 7k walk mostly on side road to T34 Tanema arriving at 3:15 and being informed I could get bed at 5. But she took pity on me and opened door of basic accomodation just before 4 and it soon started raining. I sat in rest stop across street enjoying my bread, ham, cheese, meat, and chocolate. Got kicked out about 7:30 as the rain continued.

24 April.

Woke about 5:30 with decent sleep. Nice quiet place and reasonably comfortable. Left at 6:15 in rain and the wet stuff continued until arriving at Nakura Inn at 2PM.

Tough uphill and lots of steps to Temple 35 Kiyotaki. With the rains there were scores of small crabs out on the steps as I climbed.

Temple 35 which I call The Temple of 16 crabs I passed on the steps going up.
One of the crabs

Got lost on the way out of town as it was not well marked. Nice up and down through hills before Usa to avoid tunnel. Left my bag at office just before bridge and rain intensified. Fortunately a guy who walked up to T36 Shoryu with me was in office getting stamp and I asked for a lift to other side of bridge and he agreed.

Temple 36 Gate

Then the rain got even harder and I was happy to arrive at Minshuku Nazuna but nobody was there. Called Mika who called Nazuna and eventually lady let me in. Great hot bath of course.

Bonito tuna

Delicious dinner and very nice woman Sumiko who was visiting a retired racehorse farm and spoke some English chatted with me.

Some kind of wild grass. Much better than it looks.

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