Kerry Way; Day 7 Caherdaniel to Sneem-21K

The husband of the B&B owner gave us a lift back to Caherdaniel. This mornings skies are cloudy and as we walked up into the hills, a misty rain started up and continued off and on the rest of the morning. Along the trail there were some unusual but interesting monuments to the planets.
The scenery while not as epic as yesterday’s was still quite pleasant and the Kenmare Bay side of the Iveragh Peninsula is beautiful and peacefully quiet. 
We didn’t think much, just walked today enjoying each moment, not letting the rain bother us. We saw plenty of sheep but almost no people which was just fine.
With the wet conditions we never did bother to stop for a rest, just taking it easy, enjoying the sights and we walked into Sneem about 1PM. Our accommodation was the Sneem River Lodge, which was actually a B&B but pleasant enough. Thought I didn’t understand how they would not allow us to use the sitting room blaming it on Covid when every other place we stayed in allowed for us to use sitting rooms.
Sitting out front on a bench an American couple walked up who were going in the opposite direction but staying for the night. They were from Davenport, Iowa and he was a fellow Western Illinois Alumni. It’s certainly a small world given these were the first Americans we have met while on the Kerry Way the past 8 days. 
Mika and I walked into town which had some nice vibes and enjoyed our aperitif Pint of Guinness at the cozy O’Sheas Pub. It being a Friday night the Pub was booked for dinner so we walked over to Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) for some delicious seafood.

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