SHANGRI-LA:(Day 3-4):

The scenery keeps getting better. Wonderful, fun stop in Philim where they are celebrating Women’s Rights today.

Women’s Rights March in Philim

Had a great chat with the local guys observing the festivities. They spoke no English but we somehow seemed to communicate with our eyes, hands, expressions, and laughter.

Then a quiet night in Elke as it rained most of night.

Day 4:

I moved ahead of our group passing 3 large groups of pack mules before veering right at the fork into Tsum Valley.

As I walked I could feel an energy surge. Something had changed and I had a feeling that I was entering Shangri La.

A few moments later I run into a group of Buddhist monks coming from Tsum. The head monk is Lama Lopay Tenzin from Sakya Kunga Shedup-Ling Monastary In Darjeeling. We have a brief friendly exchange and he gives me his card and invites me to Darjeeling. I say “Well ok. I will see you next year Lama.” Why not.

Lama Lopay Tenzin in lead with entourage

We continue on to Chumlein where there is a week long Buddhist festival just starting.
The vibes our fantastic. The people so friendly. So glad that Lance steered us here.

This guy is laughing at me trying to talk Nepali to him and his wife. soon everyone is laughing.
The monks invited me to join their group for dinner of what else Dal Bhat which is Nepali national dish. Many of the trekking guides eat it twice a day every day.
The Matriarch of Chumlein Hotel. She adopted this little baby after her mother was murdered. They like my sun cream rubbed on their noses.
Group of 4 Tibetans that I walked with the next 2 days, sharing snacks and tea.
The paint on the face is part of the celebration.
The friendly sisters cooking lunch at hotel in Lokpa
Lots of fun and good times in Chumlein

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1 thought on “MANASLU AND TSUM VALLEY TREK: Days 3-4 Shangri-La”

  1. These are really stunning photos Kevin I feel almost like I’m there, the captures of people is amazing.

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.