Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek-Day 5 Shangri La

Is this not Shangri La

Day 5; Chumling to Lamagedon;

Leaving Chumling we had a brief descent before ascending

My trekking buddy, Lance, has knee issues so will remain in Chumlein while Krishna and I continue up the Tsum Valley crossing paths several times with my 4 Tibetan friends sharing smiles and snacks at a break.

Following my 4 Tibetan friends of the last 2 days.

There is one difficult stretch along a steep gravelly cliffside with a 500 foot drop. I walk alot but that was a bit hairy, with one slip where the loose gravel started down the hill. Krishna informs me we have to return this same way.

We arrived late in the day in Lamagedon at the Lar Hotel. It is cold here at 3500 meters elevation. The first night with a bunch of foreigners, including; Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis and a Vietnamese American. I uncharacteristically was not up for conversation, and continued reading the book Lance had recommended, ‘Jesus Lives in India’, which I find enlightening. With all my visits to Nepal and Thailand and SE Asia I had been finding myself more and more attracted to Buddhism and its philosophy of finding God within yourself through meditation and following the Dharma. Surprisingly, the further I delve into Buddhism the more I sense Jesus seemed Buddhist rather than Christian.

The Lar Hotel is more than adequate. They have a solar heated shower  which I pay a few $ for as it has been a few days without one. Unfortunately the water is cold though. I suppose the good news is it really woke me up.

Continuing to follow the Shyar Khola River from Chumling
These ancient symbols signify good fortune. They were around long before the Nazis.
Common Mani Walls on the trail. Etiquette is to pass on the left side.
Krishna leading the way
Another shot of Shangri La
Friendly mother and daughter


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