Skellig Islands Visit

Visited 6 islands in Ireland on this trip. The most unusual, spectacular one was Skellig Michael on the southwest coast of Kerry, Ireland. I along with 15 or so others took a boat on a one hour ride. The seas were very rough that day and two of the group got sick. They allow I believe around 13 boats a day to the island, the sea permitting. We had the good fortune to be first and I moved ahead of the group as we walked on a winding trail around the island. There was a guide where the ascent up stairs started and I talked her into letting me go ahead so I walked the narrow winding stairs as Luke Skywalker did in the latest Star Wars movie:

Walking up the steps alone the first to get to the monastic site

I get to the top of the ruins and there is just me and a guide there. A puffin alone waiting for me half way up the final few meters. I sit alone enjoying the view feeling the deep spirituality of this unique spot just off the southwest coast of Ireland. The ruins are amazingly intact. But then why would anyone come to this rock in the middle of nowhere. Unlike other ruins there were no local people who could use the rocks for practical purposes like building a home or a wall. The site was first developed by monks in the 6th century. Its like a mini Machu Picchu with Puffins everywhere seemingly indifferent to humans.

The others start arriving and talking and disturbing the silence but I am grateful for the half hour I had the place to myself. Of the 6 islands I visited and all were spectacular, this was the most special of places; beautiful scenery, unique, spiritual.

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