The Beara Way Day 2; Kenmare to Lauragh May 2016

Left Failte Hostel at 9 and enjoyed beautiful views from the bridge walking out of town.

Trail followed the road along the Bay for a while but then turned up into the hills.

Then walked up through some farms and then into the higher hills. Enjoyed fantastic views of the Bay and surrounding hills as the trail went higher and higher through wet, muddy uneven bog land.

Then descended into a lush green valley with waterfalls and lakes. Beautiful. Then back up over another ridge and then over more high bog land eventually coming down to a road which I followed into Lauragh.

Went past an old white pub from the 1700’s and then turned to the main road and just off the trail was Mourlin House run by Noreen and Richard Smyth. Very nice home with 2 young girls.

Got cleaned up and enjoyed some tea. Dinner was excellent. Salmon, broccoli, carrots, and a big bowl of mashed potatoes. Enjoyed chatting with Noreen and Richard out on the patio for a little sun after dinner. It’s not getting dark until after 10 now.

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