Overnighting with a hoard (actually 3 of us) of pilgrims in Mons, Landes, France. Staying at a municipal gite where our host tells us Charlemagne and his nephew, Roland, the hero of the 788 Battle of Roncevalles had an extended stay. We also come to learn the Church of St. Pierre and cemetary 50 feet away holds the united tomb of several kings and companions of Roland. Also interesting is that this site was mentioned in the world’s first “tour” guide written in the 12th Century; Book Five of the Liber Sancti Jacobi or Codex Calixtinus. Translated into English as “ The Pilgrims Guide to Santiago de Compostela”.
PS. Thanks to Michael Walsh for real time tip on St. Clair’s Well just 150 feet from me. Got his text, walked down and washed my eyes in the supposed healing waters. {CAPTION}


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