Tipperary to Santiago Day 75


Arrived in St. Jean Pied de Port (SJPP) on Thursday but Friday morning it was foggy and rainy. Why not take a rest day. So today, Saturday, I left at 6:09 from SJPP and walked through the empty Citadelle street enjoying the near full moon above.

And there were fewer people around than the 2 previous Caminos I’ve walked on Frances. The skies are clear and there is a breeze so it turns into a wonderful day to walk meeting fellow peregrinos from all over the world; Italy, France, Spain, South Korea, Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Portugal.

{CAPTION}(Alessandro and Melissa with daughter Gloria)

So good to be back. Towards the end I walked with Diogo from Portugal and we stopped and had some fruit at the snack truck on top. We then came to the fork going down to Roncesvalles where the Pilgrims Office tells you not to go to the left that it is very dangerous. He being a 24 year old sergeant in the Portuguese Army says “Lets take the dangerous way.” I shrug and laugh replying “Porque No” (why not).


We arrive early 12:30 in Roncesvalles to the abbey and I think Diogo was a bit disappointed that the downhill was not more dangerous. I was ok with that.

Ultreia! {CAPTION}

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