TODAY I FEEL LIKE A PILGRIM: Day 45 Tipperary to Santiago:

Made it to Mont. St. Michel today. A very special place where the religious and spiritual(nature) come together. {CAPTION}

Located on the northwest coast where Normandie and Brittany meet. Instead of driving here and parking and walking across the causeway that connects Mont St. Michel to the mainland south of the bay, I walked across the bay from the north in Genets to the island fortress. 

You sometimes see seals but I only saw birds and shells as we walked across at low tide with water coming up as high as my waist once. We walked barefoot with the sea water and wet sand providing natural healing powers for my blistered aching feet. So quiet and beautiful and love that two and four legged beasts only have hours before needing to flee to avoid the high tide. {CAPTION}

While the abbey and fortress is magnificent, watching the tide roll in from the top of the fortress is an awesome showing of the power of nature. Everyone else in the group was returning to Genets but of course I was staying to continue my pilgrimage south in the morning or tonight if I could not find a bed. Getting to the abbey fortress around 3PM I presented myself at the office as a Pelerin(pilgrim) de Saint Jacques (Santiago). I was told they have 8 beds for pilgrims but told me to return in an hour and they showed me a room where they had placed a mat on the floor. Voila!

I am looking forward to a special night. After 45 days I have met no other pilgrims to Santiago but tonight I will meet 8 as we share a small area of the fortress increasing the island population from 46 to 55. And the thousands of tourists will be gone for the night enabling us to hear the sea.

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2 thoughts on “TODAY I FEEL LIKE A PILGRIM: Day 45 Tipperary to Santiago:”

  1. I was at Mont St Michel in 2016 and thought how wonderful it would be to walk to Santiago from there. And you are doing it! And have come from Ireland – where I shall be in a week! Buen Camino – I’m anxious to follow your journey through France as it is something I have in mind to do. (I’ve walked various routes of the Camino 4 times).


      Happy to help you in any way. This is my fourth year in a row of various Caminos. Each one is longer than the previous. I am a Camino junkie. ???

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.