Via Francesco Day 7.5 The Tree of St. Francis

Canterbury to Rome to Assisi Day 93

Faggio di San Francesco/The Tree of Saint Francis:

Walking from Poggio San Bustone to Piediluco started out through the quiet red and gold forested countryside. There was a hard to find turn up an unusually steep narrow and winding rocky path two hundred meters where I reached the mountain top plateau and a field with a small chapel in the distance.

Crossing the field, 3 horses turned and approached and agreed to a selfie.

Unfortunately the chapel was closed so I sat and snacked on an apple before starting down the hill.

I thought the Chapel was the destination but noticed there was a different path pointing down so I decided to investigate. 90 meters down I came across a most beautiful gnarled 250 year old beech tree.

I sat all alone for a half hour feeling a comforting energy emanating from the tree. The experience was magnified by the deep golden brown hue of the leaves of the tree as well as the ones covering the forest floor. The Tree of Saint Francis whose ancestor sheltered him from a storm over 800 years ago. Special Moment!

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5 thoughts on “Via Francesco Day 7.5 The Tree of St. Francis”

  1. Marianna Pankalla

    The photos of the tree are like paintings!
    Beautifully captured colours and shapes.
    Special moment indeed – even looking at these pics.

  2. Fab photos again Kevin!

    That tree is spectacular … the colours; the shape … I can imagine it was a very special experience being beside it. Lucky you! 😇

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