Via Francesco Day 9-10 Arrone to Macenano to Spoleto

Canterbury to Rome to Assisi Day 96-97:

Just out of Arrone

Arrone to Macenano to Spoleto:

Starting out I walked back to Church of Francesco and stopped in during Mass. Don Tomas was of course the priest. I wished I could thank him personally, but at least I left a thank you note at the Parish House. 

Don Tomas saying Mass at the Church of Francesco in Arrone


In the valley outside of Arrone

Feel blessed as the beautiful Fall weather continues this late in the year, 7 November. Enjoyed the easy walking along the River Nera. 

Falling Leaf

Macenano is in a beautiful quiet valley. A very pleasant walk from Arrone through the forested valley along the Nera River.

Nera River

I stayed in a room above Tri Archi Restaurante. The restaurant, like others are closing again but I am welcome as a guest of the hotel. Eerie being the only diner. But the service is great from the owner couple and the wife’s sister. Fabulous meal

Delicious grilled eggplant and peppers


Grill of Assorted Meats


Carbonara as a starter

My hosts continue to be surprised to see me as it has been mostly quiet of late as Covid seems to be rearing up once more.

Outside of Macenano I head back into the mountains from the valley. 

The walking today includes a long tough uphill but the weather is great and the scenery spectacular. 


In  IN

In Spoleto, Emanuela and her son Leonardo are most accommodating helping me with reservations 2 days out so there are no worries as I close in on Assisi. 

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2 thoughts on “Via Francesco Day 9-10 Arrone to Macenano to Spoleto”

  1. Amazing pics again Kevin. You truly are having an amazing experience! Sooo jealous. The scenery is breath-taking! 😇

Happy to answer any questions and help in any way.