VIA FRANCIGENA-Canterbury to Rome Day 33

Pontarlier to Jougne. Last day in France!

Nice walk up into Jura mountains and then spectacular views of Chateau de Jous, a castle fortress protecting the mountain pass since 11th century.


Continued great forest walking on a pleasant day.

Even though we got lost lengthening the day it did not damper our spirits as it was such a spectacular walk.

And wonderful accommodation in Jougne.

Hotel Couronne in Jougne

It being the last night in France called for a splurge stop and dinner at the wonderful Hotel La Couronne.


A superb dining experience served by Matthieu and father Fernando.

mushroom soup
Outstanding Beef Borgogne

Bordeaux wine was heavenly.

Starter sausage, mushroom soup served on fried thin bread, beef borgogne, cheese, apple tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel.



32 days and nights in France.


It was a beautiful walk but ultimately what made it special was the overall kindness and hospitality of the French people.

Merci Beaucoup seems inadequate in expressing our deep gratitude to:

Sister Lucie at Notre Dame Abbey in Wisques

Colette at the Gite in Amettes

Christine at her home in Béthonsart

Renee Gyre in Arras

Marie and Marie Teresa in Laon

Patrick Puech’s 2 days of Osettai in Reims

Father Bruno at Notre Dame des Vaux

Brigitte and Jean-Claude in Coole

Michel and Jean-Luc in Donnement

Peggy and Floremce at Unienville Municipal Gite

Fabrice in Blessonville Maison de Pelerins

Elisabeth in Marac

Sylvie and Jean-Louis in Tourcenay

Roger and son Edouard at Gite Reve in Seveux

Franciscans Nicolas and Max at Chapelle des Buis

And they are not French but to our wonderful friends Aoife and Thomas who allowed us to stick to my dream and begin from Canterbury by offering to drive us via the ferrry from Dover to Calais.

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