VIA FRANCIGENA-Canterbury to Rome Days 56-57

Days 56-57 Fiorenzoula d’Arda to Fornovo di Taro:

So wonderful to be back in the hills and enjoy some sun but the millions of flying ants all day coming into Fornovo were more than a nuisance.

Then was surprised when we had to ford a stream before being blown around crossing the long bridge into Fornovo.
We were tired and stopped at Enoteca “Ostinati” wine bar in town.
Realizing we had to walk another 2k up the hill we ordered some drinks and Marco the bartender served us and we got to talking about our pilgrimage.
When I tried to pay he wouldn’t take my money and then invited us inside when the winds grew worse. The local butcher came in and brought some strolghino salami. Another bartender cut it up and we soon found a plate with some bread in front of us. We of course ordered some sparking white and red wine to enjoy the incredibly delicious strolghino.Emanuele one of the patrons was then talking with us and offered to drive us up to our Ostello at Villa Santa Maria without our even asking.When I went to pay our wine bill I was told Emanuele had paid for it and he would not take any money. What a wonderful introduction to Fornovo and it’s kind and generous people.
The previous day we walked through quiet Cella where we stayed at a quiet farm house; Tra Campa Di Papaveri where Lisa and her son were most accommodating.
We used their bikes to peddle into town for a fabulous lunch at Squeri; fresh pasta with mushrooms.
Fresh Parmesan as we are just 30-40K to Parma.
Dessert was equally delicious. Cream spilt in two with strawberry sauce and salted caramel.

Pointing the way to Rome

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