You never know where you will find inspiration on The Camino!

Beautiful walk today from Barbadelo to Airexe starting at 7 in the dark and thick foggy mist. Saw no one until 8:30 almost running over a tiny old woman who was attempting to get out of the way of a tractor. I stopped for a long breakfast and then bumped into her again and loved the sparkle in her eyes. I found out Dani is 77, French from Cognac and is on her 4th Camino. First alone as her husband died two years ago and she is walking for him. Then I found out like me she is walking from Le Puy and has done 1450 kilometers. And she started only one day before me 55 days ago. What an inspiration she is. I joyfully picked her up and a got this picture. She only came up to my chest and I had a good laugh as she and her pack were not at all heavy. She asked someone to take another picture with her camera so I had to pick her up a second time which I was more than happy to do. I just got a text from another Camino buddy that Dani is showing everyone at her Albergue a few K back the picture of me picking her up?

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