Beara Way; Day 6 Dursey Island Tip to Allihies

Woke about 6:30 and decamped.

My home for one glorious day and night.

Laughing at myself as I take a crap and then walk back stepping in my own shit. Eejit.

Two Belgians come by at 7AM. They were camping back up the hill a bit which I am grateful for as I enjoyed the solitary evening.

Enjoyed the walk over the mountain sticking to the high ridge the entire way. Beautiful views. Made it back to the cable car arriving at 9:15.

I saw the cable car coming so I hustled down the hill and walked up the ramp just as it came in. I was surprised when it immediately started going back. I sat there going what the hell cussing out Paddy. So I sat down and waited about 25 minutes for it to return to the mainland and back.

An older couple pulled up at the last minute and I helped them with their luggage. Paddy O’Neill and Nory from Killarney. Very nice. They ended up giving me a lift back to Allihies. Saw no need to walk this stretch again. They were from around here as kids and seemed to know Paddy. I was giving Paddy some shit for not letting me on the Cable Car. Good Craic.

Napoleonic Watch Tower on high point of Dursey

Back at the hostel there was another guest. Liam and we talked quite a bit. He is a farmer and solicitor from Tipperary. Has Dyslexia though which is amazing to me for a solicitor. Had an interesting story about Brian, a guy abused by nuns and priests as a kid.

We immediately started talking about all kinds of things; travel, philosophy, the Camino. Our conversation flowed into Buddhism and he drove me up into the hills to check out a Buddhist Meditation Retreat facility. I have only done these retreats in Thailand and Nepal. Seemed like a good place to do a retreat in the West. Feeling grateful and happy with the decision to accept ride as I was able to spend several hours with Liam.

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