Beara Way; Day 8 Castletownbere to Adrigole-25K

Murphy’s breakfast is not available until 9AM. Late but not in my MO to pass up an included breakfast. Departed Castletownbere about 9:40 heading northeast out of town before veering southwest into the hills.

A long steady walk up into the hills before turning back towards Adrigole walking parallel to the coast. Beautiful up country bog walking and rocky mountainous parts with views of Bere Island and Bantry Bay.

Saw no one until about 1:00 when I came across two English women. Very talkative. Then saw a few others who were all doing the Beara Way in opposite direction from me.

ActiveMe said this was a moderate walk but they rerouted it higher into the mountains and some very tough up and downs. Beautiful and rewarding though.

Made it to Hungry Hill Lodge and Caravan Park around 6. Got sandwiches at Peg’s down the street and had nice hot tea and sandwiches with Pringles. Owen, the owner is a very nice guy who provided some local moonshiine from a couple up near Healy Pass, 103 and 97 years old. 97 Proof Irish Potato Poteen. I could not finish it.

Had chat with a Brit who was biking the Beara Peninsula. Our conversation was a bit one sided and overly detailed for me. This place had very clean kitchen. I had upper bunk in room with the Brit but I asked Owen if there was any alternative and he gave me a private room with double bed at no additional charge. 25E for bed and breakfast. One of best deals on Walk.

He also gave me the scoop on Maureen O’Hara’s daughter Bronwyn who just died a few days earlier. She had her mom shipped off to America because Maureen was going to donate €4 Million for a local Recreation Center. While Maureen was welcoming to anyone coming to her home, Bronwyn, put up an electronic fence with gates.

Nice relaxing place here at Hungry Hill. Sat in relaxing Sitting Room with leather sofas and wood floors until after midnight. A couple from Joliet were there for a while but I talked most of the time with a Cork lad, Niall Hurley, a journalist who taught me about Google Docs which I am now using. He also made comment about Irish language is using English alphabet. He was on his way to Buddhist Meditation Center near Castletownbere. Nice chat.
Sunday 29 May:

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