Camino de Faros (Lighthouses). Day 1 Malpica to Playa de Niños:

The start of another Camino; The Way of The Lighthouses is a relatively new trail since 2012 that is neither an official Camino or GR route yet but who cares. And perhaps that is the attraction.

Today’s 25K walk was rugged but with rewarding views all along. Almost all of the trail was in nature, rocky hills, sandy coves and beaches and eucalyptus forests. No bars or restaurants. Glorious sunrise and sunset. The distance should have been less but I accidentally went off trail a few times. Wondering whose idea it was to have green arrows and dots that blend into the moss covered rocks and green grass and trees. Even had to ford a stream.

Starting at 7:15 I did not reach the end of today’s stage until 3:00. Not sure if it is my age catching up to me or what but I was exhausted at the end.

At Playa (beach) de Niñons I decided to hitch off trail to my hotel and the second car stopped. Carmen returning home from the beach passed her home and drove another 5K taking me right to Pension Teyma. What a nice lady. She has a small Inn, Pazo Cibran, about 12 kilometers south of Santiago de Compostela. Hope to visit her there soon.

Carmen the Camino Angel
A bit of art on the Camino

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