Camino de Faros (Lighthouses) Day 2; Playa de Niños to Ponteceso:

Started out with a 6:45 taxi back to the Playa (beach) de Niños. As difficult as the first day was this one was moreso. Constant ups and downs with some scrambling and stinging nettles. I didn’t bring long pants but that would be wise on this rugged trail.

Even on a cloudy day the views are spectacular all along the trail. The constant pounding of the surf, the wind and the seagulls and me for the first 6 hours.

It seemed like it could rain but it never did. And then for the first time in 2 days came to an easy flat stretch just when it was most needed. The final 4-5K was along a flat stretch of pounded sand. Wonderful after a rugged 28K

Stayed at Pension Teyma again. Kind of nice they had a big bathtub and did a long soak. Very reasonable €35. The restaurant bar next door’s food was mediocre. And several people were smoking. Ugh. Can’t remember being in a restaurant that allowed smoking for a long long time.

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