In hills above Irun, looking back at sunset over France

IT’S A LONG WAY FROM TIPPERARY TO SANTIAGO. Day 114 Why not keep walking.



Having 15 days ago completed a 111 day Camino de Santiago from my ancestral home in County Clare in the west of Ireland to Santiago, Finisterre, and Muxia, I am now back in Spain and two days out of Irun walking the Camino del Norte.

Beautiful San Sebastian

For anyone following my blog posts, I was planning to walk del Norte as part of my ancestral home Camino de Santiago but felt Camino Frances calling and veered left at the fork in the south of France. I never mentioned it on my posts but I jokingly refer to myself as ‘A Camino Junkie’.

San Sebastian

But I am realizing it is no joke as 111 days was not enough and I still am feeling a strong calling from The Camino to experience Del Norte.

Forest in hills above Irun where I found my walking stick.

Taking the local train the last section to Irun I talked with a young girl who helped me with directions and whose grandfather is the President of the Basque Country Camino Society.

Arriviving at the Municpal Albergue in Irun I happened to meet her grandfather and had a nice chat about Camino del Vasco which I walked in 2017 and goes through Basque Country.

Enjoyed a Pilgrims dinner with Naomi and her sons Teo and Kai from near Sacramento.


Beautiful first day walk up hill to church with beautiful view of San Sebastián and then good ridge walk with towers from Napoleonic Wars and then descent to Pasai. Not surprisingly, up at the top of mountain I had a feeling and walked into the bush and found a great walking stick.

Napoleonic Era Tower

Met Claudia from Mallorca on way down who is also a junkie and lives in Etratz. Had a snack in Pasaia before ferry with French guy who I just saw again in Podeña Albergue.,,,,. Enjoyed continued walk with Claudia into San Sebastián and she went on after buying me a coke and I got room in Pension San Fermin.

Waiting for ferry in Pasaia

Great location but €40 for bed in 4 bed dormitorio. It’s a weekend though and there is a film festival. Wonderful tapas of course here as it is renowned for its restaurants. I especially liked Bar Sport and Bar Atari by church. Delicious tortillas de patata, foie gras, and cheesecake.

Delicious tortilla de patata at Bar Sport
Bar Sport’s baby squid was delicious as well



Nice walk in dark with young people still partying on beach at 7:00am. ascent into hills and nice mountain walking into Orio. Met Luke and Ray, honeymooners from Grand Rapids. Continued on to beautiful Zarautz but lots of tourists so continued on to Getaria for nice swim in the ocean.

Walking early out of San Sebastian

Then meeting 3 nice young Germans; Elfe and her twin sisters Rosa and Rosalinda from same egg. They seem like one person in a way to me. Very connected.

Getaria Beach. Had a nice swim. A bit cold.

Then Inesa from Latvia joined us and we had fun dinner after they made me and Rosalinda return up hill for our credentials before they would give us pilgrims menu. We stayed late enjoying the talk and wine. Albergue Kanpaia ok €12



Streets of Pasaia


San Sebastian Cathedral




After Pasaia


San Sebastian

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