Camino Invierno-Days 3-4; O Barco to A Rua

One of most humbling stays on this or any Camino:
Following the serene River Sil and its wonderful wineries.
This is my second Camino Invierno and a highlight of my first pilgrimage on The Winter Way was a stay in A Rua in the home of Asun. I prayed she was still around and servicing pilgrims.
Asun is a polio victim born in 1954 just before the vaccine was available. She is a Natural Healer. Her mother is here also and will turn 98 in a few months.
Asun and Mika
This is one of the most humbling stays on any Camino. She is clearly in pain as she struggles up the stairs using her crutches to show us our bedroom. I feel such a strong urge to ask her to sit and let us serve her but she obviously feels great joy in helping pilgrims.
While our Spanish is basic only, she speaks no English so we communicated with Google Translate well enough.
She made us a delicious breakfast in the morning. The stay here is so very special. I told Mika I needed to stay another day with this saintly woman. I asked her if it was ok and Asun smiled, nodding yes. We talked for 3 hours that morning.
Her views on the current state of the world were interesting, enlightening and helpful for this pilgrim. We talked a great deal on Natural Healing. In 2020 we spent time at a Naturopathic Hospital in Nepal and an Aryuvedic Medicine Clinic in India. How refreshing to have this conversation, an open exchange of ideas with no judgement, in this difficult Covid Era. She has so much compassion. Grateful to her and others who open their homes to us pilgrims.
Mika picking our mid-morning snack coming into A Rua. Fresh blackberries
Enjoying the wonderful local wine; Mencia
One of the better Menu del Dias on this or any Camino at Meso del Poldo in A Rua. First course paella
Pork cheek. Delicious

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