CAMINO IRISH (English) Bruma to Santiago

Woke at 6:10 and left at 6:47 walking in the dark and what do I see as the sky is turning grey. . A Tyrannosaurus Rex with a human in its mouth. That’s a first on The Camino.

I somehow hooked up with 2 women, Margarita and Rachel during a bocadillo break. They wanted to make a reservation for beds in Sigueiro after last night’s bottleneck in Bruma.

One of many Horreros on this Camino. The ubiquitous granaries of Galicia

In town, I hooked up with John and we had a delicious trout dinner at Bar Minas sitting with a few other pilgrims; Antonio, Alameda, and Sylvia.

I met John for tea on our last morning and then I walked ahead to a plaza entering Santiago and waited for him and Antonio and we had a coke before continuing on to the Cathedral.

John, me, and Antonio from Madrid
First view of the Cathedral from Camino Irish (English)
John and I at The Cathedral de Santiago

Afterwards my favorite 2 musicians were playing in Plaza de Cervantes and we enjoyed their beautiful violins.

Anna and Aga, the daughter mother team at Plaza de Cervantes

A few other photos:

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