Camino Irish (English) Ferrol to Bruma

The walk out of Ferrol was along the coast and quite pleasant as the black sky faded into grey and then blue. At Monastario de Couto there was a shortcut across Ria de Ferrol along a railroad track. It appeared to bypass more urban walking so why not.

We reached our destination for the day around 1. Pontdeume was picturesque and the Municipal Albergue was near an old Medieval Tower you could climb up and enjoy the views of the Bay.

The albergue filled up quickly with John getting the last bed. Had nice lunch recommended by the Derry man John met on bus Casa Tas. Baby squid, Calamares and Mussels.

Did tour of Tower with some intersting exhibits and enjoyed views from top.

The next morning people were up in the albergue at 5:45 so we left about 6:15. A nice walk up out of town and then through forest and eventually to the town of Betanzos. That night there was a big festival with a 50 piece orchestra playing classical music.

We enjoyed a pleasant walk through forest the next day with a 460 meter rise to Bruma, a small town with a single albergue.

Evidently this town is a bit of a bottleneck as we merged here with the pilgrims that started in La Coruña. The albergue filled up quickly and John and a few others had to take a taxi ahead to the next town to find accommodations.

The albergue was in a pleasant spot along a narrow river and was very quiet.

Great spot to enjoy some wine

After walking both, I would strongly recommend to pilgrims starting in Ferrol. Not only are you able to get the Compostela but more importantly the walking is much more scenic and interesting.

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