Camino Levante. Avila

Why not stay an extra night in this beautiful old town, a World Heritage Site since 1985.

We had a comfortable albergue to ourselves. Grateful for the adequate small space heaters as the old building is cold.
Avila is the highest provincial capital in Spain at 1,130 meters. The cold seems to be wearing me down so a rest day will hopefully allow for some self healing.

Walking under the great wall and strolling through the streets of Avila, I can’t help but thinking what great cities there are across Spain, and so many on the Camino; Segovia, Toledo, Merida, Burgos, Leon, San Sebastian, Zamora, Salamanca and of course Santiago de Compostela to name a few. 
Avila Cathedral
Avila Cathedral
Avila with its magnificent wall, Cathedral, and churches is a worthy add to the list. There are a good number of Romanesque Churches and buildings which are my personal favorites for their simplicity.
Romanesque Church
Chapel of Mosen Rubi
Saint Teresa, the patron saint of Avila is a most interesting character. She founded the Discalced (without shoes) Carmelite Order, with the intent to return the Order to its original purpose of seeking oneness with God through prayer. She lived in the 1500″s and it seems she is a Woman that should be honored on the recent Womens Day of March 8. She lived in a time when the Church followed the teachings of St. Paul that women should not be allowed to teach. She fought to change these archaic rules. 
Orson Welles once named Ávila as the place in which he would most desire to live, calling it a “strange, tragic place”. Various scenes of his 1965 film Chimes at Midnight were filmed here.
Mika and Basilica de San Vicente


Entrance to Cathedral


Being a Chicagoan had to laugh at this. The Blues Brothers in Avila

Chapel of Mosen Rubi
Restaurante Siglodoce offered a heck of a 500 gram Chuleton

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