Camino Levante Day 24 Gotarrendura to Arevalo

Leaving Gotarrendura at 8:30 it was chilly with the wind blowing freely across the open plains.
Finally after 12k we fortunately passed Bar Volente in Tiñosillos. In fact it was the only open bar today, and a nice one. A friendly bartender and a very good tortilla de patata.
Common to see the storks nesting atop the churches all along this and the last few sections
Afterwards, we walked out of town and came into a pine forest where they are farming resin, reminiscent of Camino Madrid north of Segovia. Perhaps the same forest as we are only 35K or so from that section on Camino Madrid.
Collecting buckets of pine resin
The walk in the pine forest was quite pleasant and a light sandy bottom so easy on the feet. At one point we came across a string of 100 or so caterpillars on the move, connected as a unit. We saw a few of these lines. A Google search stated, ” They’re marching toward a pupation site, where they can bury themselves on the soil and form cocoons. The leader is typically a future female.” Interesting.
I counted 100 or so caterpillars in one line
At one point we had to walk on the road for a few K but it wasn’t too busy with traffic. The last 5 or 6K the trail went off the tarmac but followed 10 or so meters from the road. The walk was 27k and cold weather is threatening so we decided to upgrade to a hotel as the albergues are usually a bit cold. Hotel Fray was clean and cozy with a bathtub for €45.
El Bohodon Village.
Love the storks atop the churches

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