Camino Levante/Sanabres Day 33. Rionegro to Puebla de Sanabria

Probably the coldest day today. The first part, 10K to Mombuey was on the high plains with little sun. A cold wind blowing into our faces sapped my energy.
Took a tea break at Bar la Ruta one of the better bars. We decided to taxi to Asturianos and then walk the final 16K to Puebla de Sanabria.
Walking into Otero de Sanabria we came to a nondescript church, San Tomás. It is known as ‘The Sistine Chapel of Sanabria’ with magnificent artwork adorning the inside. At least we got a taste of it on some paintings above the doors.
Church of San Tomás
San Tomas entrance
Arriving in Puebla de Sanabria, we found Casa Luz Albergue was closed until April so why not splurge. We checked into the very nice Hostal Carlos V run by Carmen and assisted by Tatiana. Quilt covers on bed, bathrobes, excellent shower and bathtub for reasonable price. They are also very friendly to pilgrims. We got confused by train schedules as we were going to move ahead to join our Dutch Camino Buddy, Bo, in A Gudiña but we went to the wrong train station as the express train between Santiago and Madrid is about 6K back east from Puebla de Sanabria. Carmen spent a half hour with me getting a ticket for the morning and offered to drive us to the station. How kind. A wonderful place to spend an extra day. And upon leaving pilgrims are handed a lunch bag with a bocadillo, fruit, and water bottle. What a wonderful stop.
Castle of Puebla de Sanabria with the snow covered mountains in the background
We dined at a nearby restaurant in town and it was excellent. Meson Abelardo. Their partridge salad not listed on menu is outstanding. And a most delicious huge veal chop.
Meson Aberlado’s veal chops are delicious and large
Partridge Salad. Never had that before but we were told it is a local specialty.

At breakfast the next day, we were surprised to see it snowing outside. Fortunately it did not last.

A first for me. Snow on the Camino
Crossing the River Tera to Puebla de Sanabria old town
San Tomas
View from Puebla de Sanabria old town
In case you were wondering how beautiful it would be in the summer. Same spot as previous picture. June vs. March
Puebla de Sanabria castle
Streets of Puebla de Sanabria
Castle in Puebla de Sanabria
Church of Our Lady of San Cayetano in Puebla de Sanabria
Church of San Cayetano in Puebla de Sanabria

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