Camino Levante/Sanabres Days 34-35 Puebla de Sanabria to Albergueria

Kind Carmen from Hostel Carlos V gave us lift to train and walked us in to the big new station of the Express Train. Though it seems to be overkill as there are just a few people.
Wonderful hosts Carmen and Tatiana in front of Hostal Carlos V before she gave us a lift to train station
We arrived in A Gudina a short half hour later and got off at another huge new station, but at least this one was in a town. We walked to town and met Mariska, and Bo from Holland was there as well. He had arrived last night after traveling from The Hague yesterday. I had met Bo and Mariska in Zamora on Via de la Plata back in 2017 in Zamora when we were walking the Via de la Plata/Sanabres.
Beautiful scenery but dense cloudy skies from the Sahara Sand
As pilgrims do, we became buddies and developed a bond as we continued on to Santiago de Compostela. As mentioned in a previous post, Mariska and I have had 3 unplanned unexpected meetings on the Camino since. For Bo, this is his first time back in 5 years. How wonderful to be together again and on the path to The Cathedral once more with my dear friends.
They have some cool markers on Sanabres. Note the Gourd on left and Shell on right above the yellow arrow
The 23k walk to Campobecerros was over the hills, though the fog was strong and sun fought without success to shine through. We learned later that it wasn’t fog but the sands of the Sahara clouding the open skies above. That of course is the last thing we expected. The last 4k or so was new. This final part just followed a road into town. For anyone following behind us I would recommend taking the old way over the hills. Why they changed it to the road I have no idea though I suspect the descent from the mountain trail into Campobecerros was steep and someone suggested it would be easier on the road. Well its a mountain, and sometimes they are steep. I suspect most pilgrims would prefer the walk over the hills.
Nice someone put up a swing at the ridge top.
Arriving in Campobecerros we had a late lunch at Bar Hostel Casa Nuñez and opted to stay there vs the municipal albergue, as it has been cold. The bar/hostel is run by two sisters who served up a good Meñu del Dia.
Statue in front of Campobecerros Albergue. They have a big festival in these parts every year where they dress up in these traditional clothes.
Campobecerros to Albergueria:
Decoration at Hostal Casa Nuñez
Walked down mostly through good scenery 14K to Laza.  Bo was feeling it on the second day and decided to cab to Alberguería. I was really looking forward to hanging out at the wonderful Camino Shell Bar so I joined him while Mika and Mariska walked up 400 meters the last 12K.
Not sure but thinking they overbuilt this train station in the middle of nowhere 6k east of Puebla de Sanabria
We were welcomed ar Bar Rincon de Peregrinos by Luis and Roberto. The Bar and their Albergue across the lane have thousands of Camino Shells covering the walls and ceilings, with pilgrim’s names and dates. Fantastic atmosphere and Luis and Roberto are most friendly, accommodating and fun.  For this old man who grew up in the sixties, the music they play enhances the atmosphere. Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkel, some light jazz. The wine flowed and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Mika and Mariska arrived and joined the flow of the wonderful party atmosphere.
Roberto, me, Bo, and Luis among the sea of shells
Bo cooked up a wonderful dinner for the 4 of us and a Spanish couple walking from their home in Cadiz on the Mediterranean south of Seville. Unfortunately I don’t remember the dinner too well.
Bo cooking up dinner in the cozy Albergue
Adornment at Bar Nunez in Campobecerros

Meeting up with Bo and Mariska for tea at Bar Oscar in A Gudiña
Coming into Campobecerros
Not sure how this happened but I ended up with a stamp on the head. Perhaps a tattoo there would be better.

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