Camino Levante/Sanabria Day 36-37 Albergueria to Ourense:

Albergueria to Xunqueira de Ambia to Ourense:
Bo and Mika coming out of Albergueria
We departed Albergueria with still cloudy skies. In fact, I dragged my fingertip on an outdoor table to find it coated with red sand from the Sahara.
Saharan Sand. Thank god it is the last day
Before leaving I found my shell from 5 years earlier on the wall across from my dorm bed.
The walk early was downhill 7.5K through rolling hills covered in pine trees to Vilar de Barrio where we stopped at the friendly Bar Ruta de la Plata for tea. Then mostly flat and then up and down  16K to Xunqueira de Ambia and cozy, inexpensive Hostal Casa Tomas.
Mika pointing the way to Xunqueira de Ambia
The plaza with the Church of Santa Maria a Real was a pleasant place to have a drink before checking into the Hostal. The village was nice and quiet.
Church of Santa Maria a Real
Sanabres has the best Camino markers I think
Xunqueria de Ambia to Ourense:
Coming out of Xunqueira de Ambia crossing the Rio Arnoia
Beautiful sunny morning as red sand of the Sahara has settled and the skies are bright blue. Most of the walk was on the road as we made our way about 27K to Ourense.
The Cathedral de San Martin was founded in 550. The present structure dates to 1220 and is mostly Gothic. It is beautiful and worth a stop.
Santiago or San Roque? The shells would suggest Santiago but the leg suggests San Roque. And no dog. 
The entrance or Portal of Paradise is spectacularly enriched with colored figures of angels and saints.
Puerto de Paradise
Looks like Santiago with the hat, but the cut leg would indicate San Roch. They seem to have merged the two saints in Ourense
Then on to the train station as we need to abort our pilgrimage for the second time due to some meetings in Santiago.
A cross coming into Ourense

Tough to leave a Camino early. A first for me but there is always tomorrow. And a big hug to our Dutch friends Bo and Mariska who we met and walked with in a seamless fashion after a 5 year absence. One of the most beautiful essences of the Camino.

Puerto de Paradise
Another of the great markers on the Camino Sanabres
Santiago the Moorslayer in the Cathedral

You know you are in Galicia.
Do these figures not shout out “Ultreia!”

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